Service Department

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We are offering pick-up and delivery services for your motorcycle, ATV/UTV. Our goal is to keep your machine looking and running great all year, even when the weather doesn't cooperate. Whether you have been wanting to get that new exhaust, have your engine rebuilt, or just simply need to get your machine running, we will pick-up and deliver your machine safely in our enclosed box-van for the price of $85.00

Our service department is specialized in Yamaha ATV's, motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, dirt bikes, and power equipment. Let our trained Yamaha technicians help you with any of your service needs. Call or email us for a quote at:

If your bike has a fully built, bored over, stroked, ported, big valve engine with a stand alone fuel controller or you just put on some new pipes and piggyback fuel box, with our in-house full size dynamo meter, we can fine tune your machine to run like it should.

We use only the highest quality lubricants and care products in and on your machine. Yamalube products have been specially formulated in conjunction with the engineers who built your bike to ensure that your engine and drive-train receive exactly what they need in lubrication to perform and last. For more info click here.