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Careys Cycle Center is proud to say that we are the 2nd oldest Yamaha dealership in the United States, founded back to 1957 when Yamaha first came to America we believe that quality products, good prices, and great service account for our success for over 65 plus years.
Careys Cycle Yamaha is and always has been a family-owned business. Founders Paul & Joyce Carey. Paul was a avid drag street racer when back in the day you would find a straight street and drag race your buddy's then on to hill climbing the local hills one famous was Widow Maker in Salt Lake City then on to flat track where he helped start up Ogden Cycle Association our still going local race track. Paul started his motorcycle shop with the help of his wife Joyce coming into the shop in the early 60's  Following in his footsteps he has had 4 generations of racers  racing is in our blood. As you can tell, this family has a passion for motorcycles. We also have a staff that is passionate about motorcycles, as well as ATV's and SXS. Their enthusiasm is contagious, but their knowledge is incredible.
We also strive to make sure we find Powersports enthusiasts to work with and take care of your needs.  Most of our employees ride and race motorcycles as well. At Careys Cycle we don’t just sale Motorcycles , ATV’s and SXS we actually ride them and understand them as well.

Careys is owned and operated by his daughter Caron and Son in law Brad Boswell as well a their son in law Wayne Worton heading up the service dept. He also has vast knowledge about machine as he was an ATV racer in his younger years. His son Kaydin now races and has been to Loretta Nationals.

We are proud of our heritage and love our sport so if you buy from us  your are buying into our family with vast knowledge and love for what we Sale.

Paul and Joyce Carey

Careys was started in 1957 by Paul and Joyce Carey. Through the good and bad they have managed to be around for many years.Through the years they have had such lines as: Triumph, BSA, Norton, Rickman, Bultaco,and Harley-Davidson. In 1963 they took on Yamaha and still do have that line. We are the exclusive oldest Yamaha dealer in the western United States. So we know Yamaha inside and out. Paul passed away on Sept 12, 2014. Still keeping the store in the family means a lot to us. We are family owned and operated and plan to stay that way so you will always get friendly family service. Careys is the 2nd oldest Yamaha dealer in the United States and proud of it!!

Paul Carey Founder of Careys Cycle Center

Paul Carey Founder of Careys Cycle Center

Paul & Joyce Carey 50th Anniversary RHINO

Paul & Joyce Carey with their custom made 50th Anniversary RHINO

Paul and Joyce Carey founders

Paul and Joyce Carey founders of Careys Cycle Center since 1957

Paul Carey with his Great Grandson Kaydin Worton

Paul Carey with his Great Grandson Kaydin Worton

 future  of Careys Cycle

This here is our future at Careys Cycle Grandkids, Kaydin and Paytien in the 4th of July Parade.

3rd Generations of Careys Riding

3rd Generations of Careys Riding... Lawrence Jones, Justin Jones, Braxton Jones, Logan Stephenson, and Kyler Steed.